Successful life coach LUCAS EVANS sells the ultimate commodity; a better life. In a world were everyone wants to be fixed, he's packaged happiness into a brand. But when one of his clients commits suicide during a seminar, he's forced to question the price he's put on life.


Price of Life looks at the addictive qualities of the ‘self help’ culture, specifically the symbiotic relationship between a guru and his followers. 

short film / feature

Price Of Life

Given up on life, given up on faith, given up on love, 50 year old funeral director, RONAN, has reached the end of his rope. But as he prepares to hang himself he disturbed by a call from an old colleague whom he has unfinished business with. Saved by the bell, Ronan is forced to return to his home town to teach his colleagues son how to embalm. But CONOR, the Deadpool of funeral directors, has no interest in learning to embalm. A self proclaimed 'life enthusiast', he is more intent in putting the ‘fun’ in funeral and extracting some sign of life from Ronan.

Television show


Luna's Ghost's

Short film in


Luna’s Ghosts tells the story of a young deaf girl who has recently lost her Mother and can’t communicate her grief or connect with her living Mum. Fearing the Graveyard she has to walk through to get to school (and Ghosts that recide within it!) Luna decides to confront her fear by dressing up the gravestones in the outfits the dearly departed would have worn in their heyday. After giving life back to the dead, Luna is given the chance to finally say goodbye to her Mother and reconnect with her Mum. 


Luna learns that maybe death isn’t so scary after all; those that are no longer with us are never really gone, as long as there is someone to remember them. 

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Untitled Blues

A music producer imprisoned by fear, finds his true voice when he works with a black musician on death row. United by music, they find a brotherhood that could set them both free.

feature film

Sqare Peg. Rownd Hole.

A mother has one last chance to get her gifted daughter with learning disabilities through a conformist education system and in doing so, also finds a a way to accept herself. 

short film