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Given up on life, given up on faith, given up on love, 50 year old funeral director, RONAN, has reached the end of his rope. But as he prepares to hang himself he disturbed by a call from an old colleague whom he has unfinished business with. Saved by the bell, Ronan is forced to return to his home town to teach his colleagues son how to embalm. But CONOR, the Deadpool of funeral directors, has no interest in learning to embalm. A self proclaimed 'life enthusiast', he is more intent in putting the ‘fun’ in funeral and extracting some sign of life from Ronan.

Television show


Sqare Peg. Rownd Hole.

Square Peg Round Hole is a musical told through the eyes and brain of an 11 year old Autistic girl, who processes emotion through escaping into her imagination and musical interpretation of what’s happening to her. This world of colour, boldness and excitement is a bleak contrast to the conformist and punishing reality she’s trapped in.

Feature film




The lives of the dysfunctional Murphy family are thrown into chaos when their father, patriarch and pillar of the community, JOSEPH is suddenly arrested for the murder of a school girl 30 years prior. While the rest of the family scramble to defend Joseph and deal with their own painful personal reckonings, eldest sibling CARA starts to feel uneasy… There’s an eerie similarity between the murder of the school girl, and the unsolved disappearance of Cara’s best friend when she was a child. Surely, Joseph couldn’t be connected to both? As Cara’s suspicion grows, she delves deeper into the murky past, dissecting memories of her Father. Consumed with uncovering the truth about her friend, no matter how painful, Cara puts not not only her relationships with her family in jeopardy, but her sanity too.




After Doug’s turbulent relationship comes to a crashing end, his two best mates conspire to help him forget the girl who broke his heart. Whilst ‘overwriting’ the memories associated with all the songs that defined Doug’s relationship, they uncover something far more heart-breaking.

An uplifting, warm film about male friendship, vulnerability and toxicity. 


Untitled Blues

A music producer imprisoned by fear, finds his true voice when he works with a black musician on death row. United by music, they find a brotherhood that could set them both free.

feature film

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